ELIA Artschools

    27 years ELIA in short

    Since ELIA’s founding in 1990 ELIA organised many conferences and seminars that brought annually 600 – 700 people together, up to now a mobility of approximately 17.500 people.

    ELIA is determined to be diverse in selecting venues. Under my leadership events were organised in, among others, Amsterdam, Strasbourg, Berlin, Budapest, Prague, Ljubljana, Essen, Athens, Tallinn, Lisbon, Barcelona, Gent, Tilburg, Sofia, Glasgow, Brussels, Florence, Cape Town, Basel, Los Angeles, Vienna, London, Zurich, Porto, Helsinki, Gothenburg, Dublin, Montpellier, Graz, Vancouver, Bucharest, Hong Kong, Luzern, Utrecht, Brighton, Athens, Aarhus, Seoul, Cluj-Napoca, Warsaw, Vilnius, Chicago and Nantes.
    During these reviewed events a selected number of people from Higher Arts Education Institutions gave papers and contributions. Additionally prominent contributions were made by people from the art world, royalty, politics and academia at large, among whom, Marlene Dumas, Sir Ken Robinson, Peter Sellars, Yoko Ono, Hito Steyerl, Alain de Botton, Augusto Boal, György Konrád, Albee Sachs, Jane Seymore, Carles Handy, Judith Herzberg, Dragan Klaic, Kristen Linklater, György Kurtág, Gerard Mortier, Daan Roosegaarde, Peter Weibel, Jimmie Durham, Cecily Berry, Jin Xing and Luc Tuymans.

    From 1990 onwards NEU NOW attracted attention as an annual graduate festival and presented (besides a bigger selection online) up to 2017 over 550 art graduates from all over the world in Vilnius, Tallinn, Porto, Nantes, Glasgow and Amsterdam.

    ELIA has also fulfilled its role as an ambassador for higher arts education and the arts by publishing a Manifesto in 2000, which was translated into 12 languages. A document that is still being used today.
    ELIA played a role in numerous advocacy initiatives, was founding member of Culture Action Europe and played a leading role in the critical discussion around the implementation of the Bologna Declaration (the creation of a European space for university and vocational training and developing a system of easily readable and comparable degrees). The proactive attitude of ELIA resulted in successfully influencing decisions of the European Ministers (of 29 countries).