Donne Dubbiose

    Donne Dubbiose


    The Donne Dubbiose, Selma Susanna and Carla Delfos, discovered each other during their study at the Theaterschool in Amsterdam in the 70’ties.
    They worked together on a regular basis and kept the conversation going through the years about what inspires them.
    Recently they developed the theatre piece DA CAPO in which they invite the audience to travel a bit with them and let the audience witness what they read, heard and saw. Fragments, images, thoughts, poems, music and the search for the answer to the question: what is easier, remembering or forgetting?

    If the corona-rules allow they will perform try outs on 30 April, 1 and 2 May 2021.

    Selma Susanna and Carla Delfos, composition and acting
    Suzanne Mateysen, music and singer
    Jitte Hoekstra, film-images
    Rob Goudsmit, light
    Advice: Fried Mertens, Ben Hurkmans

    Financiële support: Stichting Art Futures, Studio Selma Susanna