Disorderly Women

    Disorderly Women

    The European Alliance of Women Leaders in Culture

    We, Carla Delfos, Mercedes Giovinazzo, and Chrissie Tiller, decided it was time for female leaders in the cultural sector in Europe to come together, take stock and plan for the future. With a growing pool of female leaders in the cultural sector from all over Europe we come together, discuss and plan activities.

    The first event, HERstory Basel, took place 9 and 10 July 2018.

    The second event, HERstory Barcelona, took place 18, 19 February 2019.

    The third event, HERstory Amsterdam is planned 9, 10 December 2019.

    Check out the website of Disorderly Women:  https://www.disorderlywomen.net

    Here you find the report of HERstory Basel 2018:

    Report HERstory Basel

    Introduction Carla Delfos