As founder and leader of the European League of Institutes of the Arts – ELIA I gained valuable experience in connecting people and organisations, structuring international cooperation, realising international projects and developing policy development in the cultural and educational sector.

    My 15-year career as an actress and drama teacher provides me with experience on the floor and gave me an understanding of what art students need in their preparation for their life as an artist.

    I would like to give some examples of what I have to offer, please contact me for a tailor-made proposal.

    – mentoring
    when you are good at what you do you have the tendency to stick to the methods of working that proved to be successful. I explore together with you different ways of thinking and working that may lead to more efficiency and generate new energy.

    – partnerships and networking
    institutions and organisations need to position themselves in their city, nationally and internationally. The choice of partners is leading for the future profile of your institution/organisation. I advice in developing coherent, strong, effective, dynamic and structural partnerships and cooperation’s.

    – policy development
    institutions need to position themselves and develop a vision on future directions. I facilitate the thinking process needed to indentify meaningful key directions and a relevant social and political focus.

    – strategic development
    institutions need a strategic plan to implement and realise the set targets. I help structuring the strategic approach, identifying priorities and implementation processes.

    – staff development
    facilitating workshops with the aim to motivate and inspire staff members. I provide context in the field of international development, curriculum development, quality issues, research, internal and external cooperation and communication.

    – event development
    developing a project plan. I supervise the realisation of projects and events, organised in your institution and/or in partnership with others.

    – international cooperation
    advising on structural international cooperation with existing or to be identified institutions, including identifying long term results for students, teachers and leadership.